The West Red Lake Gold (WRLG) Madsen Mine and Rowan Project are being developed with the principles of Environment, Sustainability and Governance (ESG).  As the company evolves so to will the breadth of monitoring, reporting and engagement.

WRLG has an experienced Board of Directors who have built and operated numerous mines across Canada and internationally, along with an experienced management team who have permitted, constructed and operated mines globally.  Compliance, transparency, employee and community inclusion is a key value of WRLG.   In addition, high operations standards and employee safety guide our operations. 

Madsen Mines’ past operations have inherently facilitated ESG compliance, given its adherence to high standards and responsible mining practices.

Our approach involves maintaining positive relationships with First Nations groups, ensuring community engagement, and upholding stringent environmental standards. 

Northern Ontario’s access to green power, particularly hydro, further enhances our ESG credentials. As we progress, we remain dedicated to meeting and exceeding industry ESG standards. 

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