The West Red Lake Gold (WRLG) Madsen Mine and Rowan Project are being developed with the principles of Environment, Sustainability and Governance (ESG).  As the company evolves so to will the breadth of monitoring, reporting and engagement.

Operating in a safe and regulated jurisdiction of Ontario means stringent permit conditions to ensure, air, water, people and wildlife safety.  Madsen Mine has been operating and compliant with historic permits and as the redevelopment continues, modifications to systems such as the water treatment plant and amendments to permits will ensure continued compliance to minimize and mitigate environmental impact.

All decisions are made to limit the overall impact of the mine on the community and the environment.  For example, the mine is powered by clean hydro electricity and our footprint, including the addition of a 100 person camp, is kept within the existing foot print of the historic operations.   Our decision to connect the two underground ramps, also minimizes the surface hauling and local traffic interactions.

As Rowan advances, the investments today in baseline data collection and establishment of water and wildlife management plans will ease the transition from advanced exploration into a producing mine.  Rowan would create a hub and spoke operation meaning very little future infrastructure will be required to create mill feed at Madsen.

Madsen Mines’ past operations have inherently facilitated ESG compliance, given its adherence to high standards and responsible mining practices.

Our approach involves maintaining positive relationships with First Nations groups, ensuring community engagement, and upholding stringent environmental standards. 

Northern Ontario’s access to green power, particularly hydro, further enhances our ESG credentials. As we progress, we remain dedicated to meeting and exceeding industry ESG standards. 

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