NT Zone

The NT Zone is located on the Rowan Mine Property portion of the West Red Lake Project. The NT Zone trends north-east from the south property boundary for a distance of 2 km and then appears to fold around to the north-west where this regional scale structure intersects with the east-west trending Pipestone Bay St Paul Deformation Zone. The NT Zone is located south-east of the Rowan Mine gold deposit.


West Red Lake Project – NT Zone Drilling


Drilling indicates the presence of parallel gold zones situated within the 100 metre wide NT Zone structure. The gold zones are separated by 20 to 30 metres and trend along strike within the north-east trending NT Zone.


NT Zone Drill Plan 2018-2020


NT Zone Exploration Target Area
Future drilling planned to depth


Cross-sections within Target Area


The NT Zone is a large-scale alteration/deformation zone. The scale and style of the iron-carbonate alteration within the NT Zone is interpreted to be associated with large multi-stage hydrothermal systems. Gold mineralization in the NT Zone is associated with silica/sulphide replacement of the iron-carbonate zones within altered volcanic and sedimentary rocks.

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